Transforming from baremetal VMware vSphere to nested VSAN: Part One (Design)

Alot has been going on in my head about how I should transform my homelab from a simple physical box with just plain vSphere 5.5 on it and memory consuming applications like Microsoft Exchange and Lync to a nested ESXi environment where I can test new VMware features and technologies apposed to the Microsoft technologies I have seen for many years now.

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Things to keep in mind when replacing #VMware #vSphere certificates

Some time ago, I replaced the SSL certificates in our test environment with the SSL Certificate Automation Tool. Everything went well, but some of the applications we were using or evaluating stopped working. This post will hopefully help you prevent applications to stop working after you replace the certificates in your environments.

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#VMware vSphere 5.1 Host Profile Compliance Error with #HP Blades

Hi there!

I have spent time solving an issue with host profiles on several environments running on vSphere 5.1 and HP BL460c G6 blades, to be specific. These blades have two local SAS drives in a RAID-1 configuration. This logical drive is used for installing ESXi and provides in a VMFS datastore.

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